About Us
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About Us

The Radio and Television Personality Awards recognizes outstanding media personalities whose work show exemplary leadership towards building a vision and a future for Ghana’s media platform. The RTP AWARDS is the biggest, most prestigious and highly advertised event in Ghana with the focus to honour excellence in the media industry. The programme attracts the largest gathering of media personalities in the country. The RTP AWARDS is exclusively designed to bring together all personalities in the radio and television industry across the ten (10) regions of Ghana, thereby creating the largest ever media platform for promoting any product or brand. This annual award, apart from offering marketing opportunity for individuals, firms and corporate institutions to sell their brands, also drives the media to strive towards excellence in their total output.

Ghana has been at the forefront of democratic expansion on the African continent for a long while and this has been made possible due to its people and leadership. It has also been influenced by the efforts of women and men who toil day and night, through the harshest of conditions to bring to the attention of the populace all that occurs in the nation, in different sectors, be it Politics, Sports and Entertainment. We call them The Media.

The efforts of these men and women with the aid of their media houses, end up contributing to actions which makes leaders in high places as well as the hardworking man toiling on the street to do their utmost to contribute to the improvement in the social institutions and behaviour of the nation as well as play their parts to see to an increase in development across the nation to better the lives of all and sundry.

Through the use of Radio and Television, these Personalities and Brands contribute immensely to a charge which has gone a long way to inspire societal change and development in the country.

However hard they work, they have been slid under the radar with their efforts largely going unnoticed and unappreciated. The Radio and Television Personality Awards as a result seeks to present to the public a programme which brings to the spotlight deserving men and women, who go above and beyond to inform, inspire, educate and entertain listeners and viewers with a mixture of skill, hard-work and panache that sets them apart from what is increasingly becoming a very competitive and responsible industry in the nation.

Media Groups also play a large role, and the RTP Awards will recognize deserving ones for the resources they put into ensuring the charge continues, contributing to development while dominating the scene. Programmes and Channels which leave audiences enthralled and begging for more based on quality and the delivery of material will also be rewarded as well. Individuals who have played remarkable roles and made such contributions to society are not forgotten.

The main aim of the Awards is to give deserving personalities the spotlight and adulation they deserve, whilst motivating others in the industry to elevate their standards to ensure focus is placed on providing quality, relevant content to the public. Which goes a long way in inciting societal change whilst giving development a shot in the arm. This is to Celebrating personalities and brands that

inspire, entertain and shape our society. Ultimately this scheme is designed to recognize, reward and celebrate personalities and their programmes within the media.