Nomination Forms
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Nomination Forms

2021 RTP Awards Nomination Forms
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The Radio and Television Personality awards has run for over half a decade as the nation’s foremost event for the celebration of the Ghanaian media man and woman. We pride ourselves in ensuring that, based on the year in consideration for awarding, the absolutely most deserving are chosen to stand a chance to go through vigorous tests by our esteemed technical team.

This ensures that no matter where one plies his or her trade from in the country, as long as during the year of consideration you went above and beyond to perform better than your peers, recognition and acclaim will be yours.The quality of ones work under the year in review, as well as the influence said work had over the public to give them a gentle shove to play roles in furthering the development   agenda of the nation is vital in securing a nomination.

Basically, the RTP Awards are one of the most open and fair award shows in the country, where bias is not shown to anyone no matter the size of your media house. Just remember; QUALITY CONTENT + POSITIVE INFLUENCE= RTP AWARD.


The Radio Television Personality Awards prides itself on its openness and fairness to all media personalities across the country, and this is not clearer than during the nomination procedure.

There are two main ways one can be nominated;


Nominations here are turned in by one’s own industry peers, at a special event. Peers from the same field who believe you deserve to be awarded for your work is the highest compliment one can receive and the RTP awards gives a chance for industry peers to nominate others they think meet our criteria.


Nominations here are turned in by the individual himself. A radio or television personality who thinks he or she meets our stringent criteria nominate themselves to be put through scrutiny by our esteemed technical panel.

Voting will be split between the Public and the Technical Committee. 60% of votes will be taken from the public through texting. The technical team meanwhile, made up of carefully selected, knowledgeable industry veterans will hold 40% of the votes needed to decide who will be victorious on the night.